I am currently a fifth-year doctoral student in the UCSD Developmental Lab mentored by Dr. Leslie Carver, and affiliate student of the Cognition, Culture, and Development Lab at University of Texas at Austin mentored by Dr. Cristine Legare.

My research examines cultural variation in infant-caregiver interaction and how this shapes early development. Informed by training in human evolution and global experience in maternal-infant health, my research investigates specifically how culturally-mediated differences in mother-infant physical contact shape maternal responsiveness, breastfeeding behavior, and attitudes about infant care. I am passionate about the need for more cross-cultural perspectives in the field of human development, and I have collected data in Vanuatu, Bolivia, and Guatemala.

Research Interests

Cultural variation in mother-infant interaction

Effects of mother-infant physical contact 

Responsiveness to feeding cues

Psychological predictors of breastfeeding motivation

Breastfeeding interaction

Cultural variation in social expectations

Screen interactions


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